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New AI-service can redefine the advertising industry by letting viewers shop products from the videos they watch

Sarafan.AI can now identify products in real-time videos and find appropriate equivalents in online stores.

<p>Sarafan Technology Inc. has recently introduced its newest product called Shop-in Video.  The product is run by a combination of neural networks and computer vision. <br /> It has recently made its debut on Glamour TV and has attracted the attention of online readers.</p> <p>Viewers can now easily identify and purchase products without additional effort. In order to view products, the users simply need to click on the basket in the bottom left corner and products will appear automatically.  There is no need to download an App for it – the service is already installed on a website video player. <br /> <br /> A similar, but somewhat different functionality has already been introduced to Facebook. The tech giant allows its users to upload videos and manually attach product information with links for further shopping. The difference is that users need to handle each advertising campaign manually.</p> <p>According to Sarafan's CEO, Andrey Korhov, the engine possesses the highest quality of video recognition on the market. Sarafan.AI works on any computer, smartphone and can even be integrated on to Smart TV. “We’ve created a pro-user functionality where if you like something, click it and buy it,” said Korhov. <br /> <br /> Before the official launch, the functionality was tested by Glamour TV which attracts a viewership of 4.5 million users per month. “We believe that videos are one of the best ways to communicate with our readers and they have a pivotal role in our brand development. Videos have this fantastic feature of relatability in everyday life which is especially appreciated by our youth audience. Glamour TV offers a variety of videos including entertainment, live TV with celebrities, tutorials and special insights from the red carpet. We produce about 200 videos per year and viewers always ask the same question- where did the presenter get this dress; what colour does that concealer have and how much do those shoes cost? In response to that, we firstly tested Sarafan’s AI solutions on our pictures and are now advancing to video recognition. This gives the readers the possibility to quickly search through who’s wearing what without interrupting their experience. We’re also confident that our advertisers will welcome our partnership with Sarafan” said the editor of Glamour Russia, Victoria Buharkina. </p> <p>According to CEO and founder of Admitad Alexander Bachmann, who is simultaneously Sarafan’s business partner, the technology allows fashion brands to run native ad campaigns in almost any publication effectively saving money, time and resources. The advantage of this format is that users show a primary interest themselves, which ultimately has a positive effect on the conversion into sales. There is no need to design separate creatives to attract audience attention, all videos processed during the launch phase are ready for use.</p> <p>Sarafan Technology Inc. has developed AI-shopping instruments for publishers since 2017. In 2018 Sarafan has successfully partnered with some of the biggest names in the game, such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle Girl and Playboy in Russia and Myself in Germany. More than 80 million readers use Sarafan services for shopping every day. Now the startup is focused on developing a Wishlist option. Thanks to Wishlist users can save all their outfits in one “Favourite” cart and come back to it at any time. Sarafan.AI provides the user with a variety of purchasing options, up to date discounts and campaigns. Should the items the user chose to run out of stock, Sarafan.AI will ensure to deliver the most similar items elsewhere. The Wishlist functionality is now being tested on Elle Girl. The official launch of the service is planned in September 2019.</p>

trusting germain



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